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Welcome to Chele's Photography! We hope to see you on the trail to capture your moment that will be gone forever and impossible to recreate! May all your rides be safe with plenty of smiles and laughter!

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As long as I can remember I have loved to take pictures.
Now Jim and I have the happiness of sharing such wonderful moments in time with
the great people we meet along the way.
We can't imagine a better way to spend our time.

Chele's Photography captures moments that are gone forever and are impossible to recreate!

A photo is the biography of the moment - Art Shay

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Burkeville Trail Ride 04-04-2014 thru 04-06-2014

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2137 photos

Cornwall March 15, 2014

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Created 31-Mar-14
Modified 31-Mar-14
Cornwall March 15, 2014

Barnhill 03-07-2014 thru 03-09-2014

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Modified 11-Mar-14
856 photos

Johnston County Show Raleigh, NC 08-03-2013 and 08-04-2013

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Modified 15-Aug-13
5448 photos

horse shows 2013

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Modified 3-Sep-13
3601 photos

Military 2013

Galleries 3
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609 photos

Buscoe 2013

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3417 photos

2013 Trail Rides

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27532 photos

2012 Pictures

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2011 Rides

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Created 5-Dec-11
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Tammy and Kevin

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Created 19-Feb-14
Modified 19-Feb-14
Tammy and Kevin


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Created 2-Oct-13
Modified 2-Oct-13


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Created 30-Jul-13
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Art 2013

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Created 12-Dec-13
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Art 2013

Animals 2013

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Created 26-Jun-13
Modified 26-Jun-13
Animals 2013

Old Store 04-12-2014

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190 photos
Created 15-Apr-14
Modified 15-Apr-14
Old Store 04-12-2014
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