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Wedding Pictures

November 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was working on a client’s pictures this weekend and I must say it was so heart felt.  Not only are the pictures beautiful but the love that was shared and open for all to see was outstanding.  I literally cried looking at the pictures and the love two families and friends shared that day.  Dana and Kensil your life is truly blessed together.

Crawfish Shack Fear Feast

November 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Crawfish Shack Fear Fest 10-28-2017

So much fun on our photoshoot this past weekend.  Started on our way to the Crawfish Shack to shoot their annual Fear Fest and made it about ½ mile down the road when the truck started only going about 25 miles an hour max so we turned around and went back home.  Got home truck started acting fine so we started out once more.  We made it to the big bridge around Edenton when we had a blow out on the trailer.  We limped down the road until we could pull over.  No jack so we rigged up something and finally got the tire changed and on the road again we went.  Made it to almost Hertford when we had another blow out!  Pulled into a church yard and looked at each other wondering what to do since now we have no spare.  The preacher of the church came out and we told him what was going on and he was so nice and said everything was fine and do what we had to do.  Oh! by the way let me tell you how I was dressed.  We were going to a Halloween event.  I had pink hair and a Halloween shirt on, not something you want to have on in the church yard!  I explained to the preacher where we were going so he wouldn’t think we were freaks.  He laughed and said everything was fine.  We called our friend, Teresa, and she came and picked Jim up and took him to go buy a tire.  We changed the tire and on the road again we go.  We finally made it to the shack with plenty of time.  Good thing we left early! Lol

Now let me tell you about the Fear Fest at the Crawfish Shack.  It is a very cool event with lots of scary things!  I am not a scary person at Halloween events but let me tell you there were a few things that made me a little scary.  People showing up from nowhere, walking behind you.  Clowns that looked like they would eat you.  Scarecrows staring at me with bad looking faces.  Nurses working on mutilated bodies.  My helper, Brooke was running from these scary creatures.  They definitely, scared her to death.  Shrew!  I didn’t know if I would make it.  But I survived to tell the story.  Oh, and you could also dance with the witches.  If you didn’t go to this event you better make it next year because it is a blast! 

Dana Hardy Evans and Kensil Evans Wedding 10-21-2017

October 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Another beautiful wedding that we were so blessed to be a part of.  Twenty-two people in the wedding party and they were all so beautiful!  Words can not express the love between these two.  Also the love between the whole bridal party was amazing! The preacher was also the preacher for Dana's parents wedding.  How cool is that!

I was there when her dad saw her for the first time in her dress.  I think it is the first time I have ever seen Danny Hardy speechless!  The love and admiration in his eyes at that moment could only be described by the best poet.  For a moment I thought everyone would have to have their makeup redone.  Too much love in that little room.  Well there is never too much love but I thought the walls would explode trying to hold all the love in that room for the moment.

The bride arrived on horseback with her Dad.  Can we say WOW!  The look on the groom was priceless as she walked down the grassy isle.  I love these two people so much.  I have known Dana and her parents for a long time and was so blessed to do their wedding.  The wedding was just like a fairytail.

Words can't express the love I saw between bride, groom, parents and friends.  The weather was beautiful as if it had been ordered. 

Looking forward to the next chapter for these two because I see so much fun and love in the future.

Enjoy your honey moon!

Meeting with Bride and Groom, Dana and Kensil

October 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Meet with Dana and Kensil to discuss their wedding this weekend.  We are certainly blessed that they picked us to do their wedding.  It sounds like so much fun.  I think the best thing I heard all night was when Dana told us that she had a hard time picking her bridle portrait for her wedding because all the pictures we did for her she loved.  I mean what photographer doesn't love to hear those words.

Thank you so much Dana and Kensil for letting us do your pictures!  See you soon!

October 14, 2017 Jason and Brittany's Wedding Day!

October 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

October 14, 2017

Today we did pictures for Brittany and Jason’s wedding.  Most beautiful and emotional wedding we had the honor of doing their pictures.  So thankful we got to do them.  I am lucky that I know Jason pretty well.  He rode horses with my daughters when they were growing up.  His son looks so much like him.  Boy I could tell some stories back then.  Ha ha.

 The day started out going to the hair dressers to take pictures of them getting their hair done.  I enjoyed the morning banter and the nervousness of the bride.  She was beautiful as she walked in the door to get her hair done.  Her bridesmaids were laughing about their times together and of course the fun they had at the bachelorette party.  It was so enjoyable to listen to the laughter and watch Jason and Brittany’s son, Triston, run around and play with toys.  He is such a cute fella.

Jim took on the project of picture taking of the groom and all the men in his party getting ready.  Clyde was generous and let them use his house to get ready which is so beautiful by the way. 

The bride, the bride’s maids and I got back to the Crawfish Shack to start getting ready.  If you have never been to the Crawfish Shack you do not know what you are missing.  This place is beyond beautiful and if you want to do an event you should check this out.  One awesome place for weddings and any type of event you could think of.  It also has a seasonal restaurant that you should check it out if you ever get a chance.  Well enough of that.  Lol!  Everyone was running around and Jim and I chasing them trying to get pictures of everything going on.  People doing makeup, touching up hair, and nervously laughing.  Misting rain outside that I know was stressing the bride out.  But as Jason is, a miracle, why would we be surprised that the day would not be a blessing too.  As the wedding time neared the rain stopped.

After the wedding, we did all the wedding pictures and guess what no rain and as soon as we got back from doing all our pictures and got back under the shelter the misting rain came back.  You know, that it is good luck if it rains on your wedding, but the angels spread their wings and held off the rain so Jason and Brittany would get their pictures of their dreams. 

As I was walking back with Jason, when we were finished, I watched Jason and I just wanted to hug him into.  He makes me so proud.  If you don’t know, Jason was in a terrible accident and was not supposed to be alive but God had other plans and he is here today living life to the fullest.  The next thing  he was told, he would never walk, but here I was walking right beside him and talking to him.  I told Jason that whenever my belief in God faltered I would think of him because he is a sure sign God is great.  I also told Jason I was so proud of him, because part of the reason he is walking is his determination and not giving up.  I know he had to have times that he wished he wasn’t here and how frustrating and all the pain he endured.  But look here, there he is walking beside me and talking to me and it made my heart so happy.

Once we got back we did the normal wedding day pictures, you know, eating cake announcing the wedding party, etc.  I think the most memorable moments to me was when Brittany danced with her dad, Jason danced with his mom but the best moment of all, was the dance with Jason and Brittany.  Husband and wife at last!   I don’t think there were many dry eyes and that included mine.  Glad my camera can auto focus!  Jason defied all odds and there he was dancing with his beautiful wife.

So, when you think there aren’t miracles, my friend, think again, because you will be so wrong!

Thank you, Jason and Brittany, for letting us do your wedding pictures!  It was truly an honor!

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